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What are the Weight Loss Benefits of Forskolin?

March 16, 2015

What are the Weight Loss Benefits of Forskolin?

You may already have heard about the weight loss benefits of forskolin if you follow the Dr. Oz show and other contemporary talk shows. Talk show hosts have raved about this newest herb on the block called Coleus forskohlii, an herb from the mint family. The plant contains an active ingredient called forskolin.

How Forskolin Works is Unlike Other Herbs for Weight Loss

To understand the weight loss benefits of forskolin, you have to understand a bit of physiology about energy production. In order for you to have energy for all your daily activities, your body takes a compound called cyclic AMP and adds phosphorus to make it ATP. Forskolin directly activates the enzyme that increases the amount of cyclic AMP in the cells.

This cyclic AMP molecule is also needed for your thyroid to work optimally and for fat burning to occur. And if you have asthma, the cyclic AMP is used by the body to decrease the histamine that causes inflammation of the lungs and allergy symptoms.

Fat Loss is One of the Best Weight Loss Benefits of Forskolin

When you're on a weight loss diet for several weeks, the last thing you want to find out is that the method you have used helped you lose weight but the weight lost was all water weight or you lost muscle mass. This is NOT what happens with forskolin at all. The herb's active ingredient targets the fat cells, going after them with a vengeance. It's goal is FAT LOSS.

Here's an example of proof from the scientific world. Researchers have discovered that many people who are obese have cyclic AMP levels that are less than normal. In one clinical trial of six women who were overweight, a dosage of 125 mg capsules of forskolin extract twice daily for two months, the women lost an average of 10 pounds. The most amazing thing about this study was that the weight lost wasn't water weight. Most of it was fat because the women's body fat percentage fell 8%.

Men Happy With Higher Testosterone Levels from Forskolin

Forskolin has weight loss benefits for men as well. In another study, the same dosage of forskolin showed not only weight loss but fat loss proving that forskolin is selectively targeting those fat cells as if it were a sniper targeting its prey.

Forskolin also caused men to be happier by raising their testosterone levels. The higher testosterone levels increases the metabolic rate and contributes to better shaping up of their figure.

Better Thyroid Function with Forskolin

One of the weight loss benefits of forskolin is to act upon the thyroid, revving up the production of thyroid hormones, which contributes to a faster metabolic rate to burn calories and fat.

Dosage That is Most Effective For Weight Loss

Interestingly, companies that sell forskolin write on their labels that 125 mg is the proper dosage once daily – but the extract must be standardized to 20%, not 10% as in the studies. Go Pure Labs Super Forskolin contains the required dosage of 20%.  Practitioners who have worked with patients find that the 20% forskolin extract is the one that works; anything less has a reduced impact on fat burning. Their patients are losing more fat than ever before – and are even more successful when a low calorie diet and exercise is added.

 If you've been trying to lose fat around the middle, forskolin could offer you the best weight loss benefits you have been looking for.

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