HCG Diet Myths and Understanding

January 18, 2015

Ever wondered what the HCG diet is all about and does it work?  Well we have answered some of the top questions that surround the HCG diet.  Is it harmful? Is the diet healthy and natural? Has the hcg diet lost its sheen and does it really do anything? Of all of the diets that have originated over the years, the HCG diet has had the most lasting effect and proven results of over 50 years.  Several medical experts have made comments that the HCG diet is dangerous and should not be used by anyone. On the contrary, there have been no instances where lives have been put in danger because of the use of the HCG diet.

The HCG diet is a back to basics diet that introduces the individual to eating healthy and natural foods instead of eating from the fast food industry and junk food culture.  The HCG hormone is a naturally occurring substance that is found in the body and is not dangerous if used in the correct dosages.  It targets the metabolic activity resulting in the loss of weight.  With the introduction of HCG Diet drops PURE in the body, the fat stored in the body is used as energy and in a matter of days the individual begins to lose weight.

Given the bad press that the HCG diet has received over the past year or so, the diet has not lost its luster.  The diet has stood its ground as a great way for people to lose weight.  We currently sell to over 40 different countries and sell 10's of thousands of bottles.  It has grown exponentially over the last fifty years and continues to gain traction in the diet world.  It is important to note that the diet must be done by following the instructions and under the supervision of a medical expert as necessary.

The use of HCG could be utilized among obese and overweight individuals to get rid of excess fat for good.  It is a proven fact that the HCG Diet has helped thousands and thousands of people lose weight and keep it off for good and get back to a healthy weight.

The use of the real HCG hormone has been outlawed by the FDA.  Although there are some restrictions on the use of HCG diet drops by the FDA, we are in compliance with FDA guidelines since our formulation doesn't contain the real HCG hormone, but only its weight reduction qualities.  Don't pay too much for a product that is fake or does not contain all natural ingredients.  We list all of our ingredients in our HCG Diet Drops PURE and also have a listing of what they do check out our labels and our support is always there to help.

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